The micro-processor for the age of ubiquitous AI.

AI is driving innovations of the future. But today’s micro-processors are not suitable for the age of ubiquitous AI. They are inflexible, expensive and power hungry. A novel approach to micro-processing is needed.

Faster, hyper-flexible & independent.

Up to 600x faster per transistor count.

Frames / Second

Up to 6x more energy efficient.

Images / Second per Watt

Software-defined innovation.

Hyperion Core’s universal RISC-V chip makes AI development independent of CPU & accelerator.

The novel micro-architecture makes efficient and cost effective processing possible regardless of the workload.

Software-defined innovation accelerates development of AI solutions.

When it comes to AI product innovation – development, testing and potential changes to hardware design are costly and time consuming. The most value add is created with software that defines the user experience. Software-defined innovations allow developing and launching products that fulfill not only today’s requirements but also tomorrow’s unknown market demand.

Hyperion Core overcomes today’s micro-processor limitations.

Open: RISC-V & Linux

Workload agnostic & hyper-flexible


Low-cost & energy efficient

Manufactured with existing processes

Experienced team.

Founder / Chairman

Peter is a veteran of the high-tech industry. He started his career in Europe with Texas Instruments and Signetics followed by executive management positions with Intel in Europe and the US, Siliconix, the TEMIC Group and Netro Corporation. Since 1998 Peter has been an investor and business angel and serves on the Boards of private and public companies in Europe and the US.

Founder / CTO

Martin started his first micro-processor company while still in Highschool. He founded PACT XPP Technologies, a leader in the field of reconfigurable processors. PACT’s technology has been licensed to major US semiconductor companies. Martin has more than 200 patents in his name.

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