Product offering

 Hyperion-Core offers both, IP licensing and processor chips, depending on the market segment and application:

  • For embedded applications Hyperion-Core will license cores in line with market standards.
  • For mid- to high-end applications Hyperion-Core will market and sell complete processor chips.



Flagship processor HC18

Hyperion-Core’s first chip implementation, the HC18 processor, targets SOHO-, NAS- and mid-level servers as well as robotics. The processor combines high performance general purpose processing capabilities with outstanding dataflow performance eliminating the need for any type of co-processors. It’s 1024 processing cores provide up to 4 TeraOps/sec meeting cost, performance and power consumption requirements.




Autonomous processor HC18-sdc

HC18-sdc is cost/performance optimized for autonomous 'Things' from self-driving carst to robots. It's design is based on results of recent public research projects and combines power economy with high performance.  The SoC not only includes standard processor interfaces but further supports interfaces for sensors and actors. Market price for the HC18-sdc will be in the range of $10,00.






The Hyperion-Core architecture, software and resulting products are protected by a total of 20 patent applications out of which 10 have been awarded so far.