A novel Concept for the Future

While MicroSoft, Google, Amazon, Baidu and others are focused on bringing  Artificial Intelligence to the ‘Cloud’, Hyperion-Core brings Artificial Intelligence to the Users allowing for a distributed network set-up. Our focus is on low to mid-range applications where most of the AI requirements exists. Intel type processors are too expensive and power hungry while ARM based concepts do not reach the performance levels required. nVidia’s GPUs can meet some of the requirements but lack the general-purpose processing capabilities resulting in additional co-processors.


Single Hyperion-Core processing Convolutional Networks


Single Hyperion-Core processing Deep Neural Networks


Hyperion-Core: The optimum solution at any performance level


Architecture Implementations

HC18-SDC Processor

Hyperion-Core’s HC18-SDC processor is optimized to meet the requirements for self-driving car applications. With 6 camera, radar and sonar inputs it meets the requirements outlined in Dave-2 project for self-learning and self-driving cars. The same configurations meet the requirements for self-learning robots on the factory floor.